Treating Hyperpigmentation? Choose your ingredients wisely

Whilst treating hyperpigmentation takes time and patience, using the correct ingredients at the start of your quest for an even skin tone will get quicker results. Products that have combined strength and ingredients that deliver will lead you to successfully lightening and brightening an uneven skin tone safely.

Vitamin C, retinol, synovea and liquorice are ingredients that should be included in your daily/weekly routine and is what your skin needs to correct and repair at a cellular level.

Iluma skincare from Image Skincare used as prescribed will quickly diminish all forms of hyperpigmentation from sunspots to melasma. It contains vital technology to deliver the lightening agents to the cellular layers where the correction is needed the most. Once the hyperpigmentation is treated and as long as you continue to wear your daily SPF, serum and regularly exfoliate your skin, will continue to appear visibly blemish-free.

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