The 4 Ps - Daylight Protection for your skin type

I would like to think that people who still feel that wearing sunscreen is just for the summer or whilst on holiday in the sun are now a minority!  But, If you do fall into this category, I have news for you, you need to wear one daily!  Especially on those grey days when the UV rays are emitting just as fiercely. 

Image Skincare Moisturisers

Everyone needs to wear a broad spectrum of a physical sunscreen.  A broad spectrum sunscreen means your skin is protected against UVA (ageing), and UVB (skin cancer), whilst the physical element of the sunscreen means the rays that beam down are bounced off the skin and does not penetrate, unlike a chemical sunscreen. 

All physical SPF work instantly and those that have the DNA protection complex will give you extra protection enzymes to reverse UV damage.

Oily Skin

If your skin often appears shiny towards the end of the day, has enlarged pores and prone to acne breakouts and blackheads, your skin will benefit from an oil-free lightweight moisturiser which will absorb excess oil, leaving a matte shine-free finish.

Dry Skin

If your skin experiences flaking, dry patches, feels tight even after moisturising, looks dull and lines seem to be appearing every time you look in the mirror, your skin needs a long lasting deep moisturiser to maintain moisture levels in the skin, it should also  protect against any redness you may be experienced from the dry patches as well as giving you UVA/UVB protection.

Sensitive Skin

If your skin is very fair, with red patches, broken capillaries, feel tight and itchy, your skin needs an ultra sheer lightweight moisturiser that will protect dry exposed skin and is water resistant.  A high SPF50 would be my choice for this skin type.

Combination Skin

Your skin has a combination of dry and oily areas, large pores and prone to blackheads.  An oil-free pure sheer tint SPF which will absorb quickly even skin tone combined with antioxidants to protect your skin.  Tinted moisturisers are similar to BB creams.







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