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The 4 Ps - Daylight Protection for your skin type

I would like to think that people who still feel that wearing sunscreen is just for the summer or whilst on holiday in the sun are now a minority!  But, If you do fall into this category, I have news for you, you need to wear one daily!  Especially on those grey days when the UV rays are emitting just as fiercely.  Everyone needs to wear a broad spectrum of a physical sunscreen.  A broad spectrum sunscreen means your skin is protected against UVA (ageing), and UVB (skin cancer), whilst the physical element of the sunscreen means the rays that...

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Top 5 Ingredients to slow down the visible signs of ageing

For Wrinkles - Stem Cells Plant stem cells protect your skin cell DNA - extracted from plants to protect the life of your skin stem cells.  These active ingredients will combat chronological ageing; protect against oxidative stress and repairs DNA. For Tightening the skin - Peptides Peptides are chains of amino acids that send signals (like messengers) to skin cells to support collagen production giving the face that firm look that everyone is dreaming of after a certain age.   For Rejuvenation - Antioxidants Feeding your skin daily with anti-oxidants will protect it by limiting free radical damage which can damage...

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