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Why now would be the best time to start using a serum before the Winter is here

If you are serious about maintaining healthy skin during the Winter, you need to be using a serum daily.  Serums are not moisturisers but are lightweight skin conditioners which contain concentrated active ingredients to correct repair and feed your skin with what it needs.  Cosmeceutical skincare brands have a delivery system to get those active ingredients into the layer of skin to give great results and help maintain a healthy skin.  Skin conditions such as an uneven skin tone, sensitivity, acne, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness are all skincare concerns that can be best addressed when using...

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What's New with Image Skincare For 2018?

Image has leapt ahead this year with focusing on intense hydration on concern for all skin types by bringing out four power products from two of their best selling collections Ageless and Vital C.   The first is their thirst quenching hydration for your skin - Vital C hydrating water burst.   The hydrating water burst is a lightweight gel texture formulated to burst into intense hydration upon application any time of the day.  Antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides will provide a youthful, radiant and healthier-looking complexion.   For dry/dehydrated, sensitive, irritated skins.   Use a cherry-sized amount and vigorously massage into skin...

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How to Keep your Skin Hydrated with an Easy Routine and the Best Ingredients

Winter Care for Healthy Skin Let me ask you a question. How do you prepare your skin for the harsh winter? What are the different ingredients and products that make up for a perfect winter care set? These are the questions that pop up in the minds of millions of women just as the calendar hits November and dry air, snow and skin dryness show up. I recommend that autumn is the best time to prepare the skin for the dry winter. I suggest picking a routine and sticking to it! Remember that some products that worked perfectly in the...

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