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5 Ingredients to reduce breakouts

Hormones play a huge role in regulating the amount of oil we produce daily.  Whilst we naturally produce oil (sebum) from our sebaceous glands, the primary role for oil is to keep our skin moist, and act as a protector against unwanted intruders.  Some people naturally have oily skin, which defines their skin type, the visible signs being an oily shine most of the day. Hormones fluctuate continuously throughout our menstrual cycle, as we produce more testosterone during the latter part of it which spikes up our level of oil production resulting in angry breakouts, sore congested skin.  Below are...

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Product of the Month - Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Pads

Say goodbye to acne by using Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Pads Taking you closer to achieving your glowing and healthy skin goals, we introduce our featured product of the month – Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Pads. With ingredients that will rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin, these pads can help you reduce, and over time eliminate your acne problem. We all know that acne is a skin condition arising from pores clogged by dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and other pollutants trapped beneath your hair follicles. These pads contain non-comedogenic ingredients known for their anti-clogging properties, and that is precisely...

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