Sagging Neck?

Many times I remind my clients to include their neck whenever potions and lotions are being applied to their faces.  After all the neck is exposed to the elements just as your face is, and is prone to ageing far quicker too.  The skin on our necks is thinner and loses collagen and elastin quicker too if we don’t show it some TLC!


If that isn’t enough the skin on the neck is prone to dryness as the neck has less sebaceous glands.  To keep your neck looking youthful, you must apply your serums, and moisturisers to your neck anytime you attend to your face!


If you are in your 30s be mindful about including your neck with your daily skincare regime.  If you are in your 40s and above seek ingredients loaded with peptides and plant stem cells that can help rejuvenate the appearance of an ageing neck targeting the area specifically.


Invest in your neck.


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