Daily Collagen Drinks – The Path To Radiant Skin that begins from within

It is not a new thing that people eat or drink certain foods to help keep their skin young.  It’s a tradition in some cultures that has been passed down through the centuries.  Skin rejuvenation is about keeping your skin youthful for longer and not about stopping the ageing process!  As collagen is the major protein that gives our skin its strength and structure it is this part of our skin structure we aim to rejuvenate.  Like with everything, as we age so does the decrease in collagen production which results in:

Fine lines
Loss of radiance

After the age of 25, we begin losing collagen at a rate of 1% per year.  This means the average person has lost almost half of the collagen in their skin by the age of 50.  By adopting a 360-degree approach to skincare everyone can have a brighter, radiant healthy-looking skin.   Presuming you are already applying your topical cosmeceutical products and having regular skincare treatments, the missing link could be your daily collagen shot, just to seal it all.

Why collagen drinks?

Differently, from normal collagen supplements, Collagen drinks get absorbed into the bloodstream quicker and treat the whole body.  A high percentage of the collagen peptides reach the target areas.  Collagen drinks which contain a fusion of advanced technologies are able to deliver powerful restorative compounds into the skin for incredible Age Later results.

Some key benefits to your skin from taking your daily dose:

  • should work in conjunction with your topical skincare giving a holistic approach to skin health;
  • a liquid allows for maximum effectiveness;
  • studies show an improvement in skin elasticity and hydration within 30 days of taking a collagen shot daily

You will start to notice a difference in two weeks of regularly taking your collagen shot which can be taken on its own, with water or mix with juice or smoothie each morning.

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