5 Sensitive Skin Dont's

  • Avoid products which contain alcohol. Alcohol is often used in skincare products bought on the High Street and online. The alcohol can strip your skin of necessary, natural oils and make your skin appear flaky, red and, in some instances create soreness.
  • Never use hot water when washing your skincare products off your face. Instead, when you’re following your daily skincare treatment plan, use lukewarm water to remove products from the skin. By using hot water, you risk bursting the capillaries beneath your skin’s surface, which results in areas of red skin.
  • Quit the use of chemically broad-spectrum protection. Products such as these can cause irritation to skin that is already sensitive. A more effective way of protecting your skin from UV rays is to use a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen which will deflect the rays from your skin without creating unnecessary irritation. Just remember to reapply when on holiday, and going in and out of the water.
  • Ditch the toner. When it comes to sensitive skin, less is definitely more. Your skincare plan will benefit from you not using numerous products.
  • Stay away from aggressive exfoliators. A harsh exfoliator can damage the natural and essential barriers within your skin, resulting in your skin is even more vulnerable to sensitivity. Instead, use a gentle enzyme powder every day, and this will give you brighter, smoother, irritation-free complexion.

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